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O ur tutors really are exceptional. As a small, innovative, team, we have decades of collective experience, a passion for working with young people, and for making tuition exciting, and transformative.

Our past successes demonstrate that Leading Lights can dramatically improve a student’s grades from predicted results. As many of our young people have told us, our focus on their unique needs has enabled them not only to excel, to fall back in love with their subjects, but has given them skills that have lasted well beyond the duration of their tuition. Many of our former students come back to us for advice and guidance throughout their later education and lives (and often to give us advice too!). However, for us at Leading Lights, the most important thing is fulfilling potential and our young people's wellbeing.

Fully referenced, DBS enhanced checked, and amazing educators, our tutors are highly skilled at building warm supportive relationships with young people under pressure.

Thanks to you, I fell back in love with English and the desire to continue learning, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Phoebe Hickey-Gibson

Our experienced tutors are the perfect recipe for newfound confidence

A ll of our tutors have fantastic educational qualifications, many with first class degrees and masters from top ten universities including Oxbridge, UCL, Bristol, and Kings College London.

They know how to teach the idiosyncrasies of the different exam boards, and what the examiners are looking for, valuing conceptual as well as functional learning.

Starting with a detailed assessment of your needs, they know how to elucidate complex ideas and how to adapt teaching techniques for individual students, providing weekly ongoing monitoring and assessment of progress.

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Her tuition changed and inspired me. I am now in my second year at university and I still think of her each time I write an essay and think “how would Sarah tackle it”.

Stephanie Viera

Tutoring should be about creating a dynamic, interactive, one to one relationship. We want our students to love their sessions, and love the subjects they once struggled with.

Whether you want tuition with a full time professional tutor

W ho has never had anything except glowing feedback, science tuition from a qualified practising doctor who loves to teach or English tuition with a tutor who has a starred first and a masters from Cambridge, and spends hours preparing scintillating sessions.

Sociology tuition with the kind of teacher who rings while on holiday if he’s concerned a student has not made enough progress recently, or a primary tutor who finds ways to make things that seemed ordinary flower into technicolour.

Whatever your needs, we have a brilliant and lovely team.

We were immediately aware of the difference in the standard of teaching, the thorough knowledge of the syllabus and texts, and of the exam requirements.

Mrs M King

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We know our tutors are great because we take time to get to know them

D uring a careful recruitment process, we meet each of our tutors personally with our interviews normally lasting over two hours. Then we offer them specialist training in the Leading Lights Tuition approach.

This enables us to ensure that each tutor not only has a wealth of knowledge in their subject area, but they know how to teach to the exam syllabus, that they can achieve tangible results, and that they can build and sustain a warm and invigorating relationship with a young person who might be under stress.

This quality assurance process means that we know that each young person receives the most inspiring tutoring experience possible. 

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Leading Lights have been supportive, hugely understanding and positive throughout.

As parents, it has been a pleasure and indeed a proper privilege to have you work with our son.

I have no doubt that you have been and will remain a source of inspiration and support as he moves into the next phase of his education and on into his adult life.

Your example has helped him remain motivated and positive. He has learnt so much this year, your support has been invaluable.

Our son has enjoyed the experience of learning with you completely, and that is what learning should be about.



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