Our vision...

A t Leading Lights, our vision is a society where imagination, love, and endless possibilities are the everyday words that people associate with child and family services.

It is a vision where young people with aspirations can become the best possible versions of themselves academically and emotionally, through a holistic and integrated approach to education and wellbeing.

Kids will never forget this service; it will have such an impact on them. Education is one of the best things you can give. So important to give disadvantaged young people the resources they need: If you give young people the right support and teaching then they can get ‘A’’s which they are not going to get otherwise. If you are always worried about your mum or something at home then you might put a face on at school, but you are not going to focus or achieve. They need someone to unleash their potential. They need intensive support. With this the young people might do things they never imagined possible. It’s about being understood. It’s about interacting with people. It’s about giving them a role model that you can relate to and who respect you. In the end, it’s also about being able to inspire others

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Our vision sees young people walking into their futures with joy.

Our Mission

W e aim to energise, educate and inspire through an innovative, holistic programme of wellbeing and learning, individually tailored to the needs of each amazing individual who walks through our door. We take a passionate and dedicated approach to young people’s wellbeing and education, acting as enablers of creativity, growth and love.

We provide services in tuition, mentoring, counselling and therapy, family support and advocacy in Bristol and London to individual kids and families and in partnership with schools, statutory services like the NHS, universities, and other charities. We are on a mission to ensure that no child or family has to lose out of an world of potential because of social, emotional and mental health needs which means they can't access school or find it hard to make friends. We believe that every child and family has the right to get services designed and delivered for their individual needs, and with love and imagination.

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W e are very proud of what we have achieved for our young people and families so far, many are back in school and thriving, making friends, talking back, and laughing. These young people and their families never needed fixing – they just needed imaginative, joined up programmes that put warmth and love back in the frame. They should not have to make a choice between their education and their emotional needs, between their futures and their families. They should not have to just drop out quietly as though its the only solution left available to them. They deserve to have someone who can coordinate the different services they need. They need specialists, and they might need support in the mid to long-term, not just in the short term. They can’t afford to wait a year to see someone, and they need personalised support, not a one size fits all solution. However, we are still very much the ‘New Kids on the Block’ but are all too aware that we could do so much more to fill the gaps, and stop young people and their families from the horror of feeling like they are suffering in silence if we just had a bit more capacity. We never stop trying to be better, to be more efficient, to be lean, to respond to ideas of how to do things differently. We listen to our clients, and our practitioners, and we try to make every pound we have go a little bit further.

Anything you can do to help support our wonderful children and families is so much appreciated. Whether this is volunteering with us, fundraising for us, making a donation or anything else you can think of, we would be so incredibly grateful.

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