Wellbeing for Children, Young People, & Families

We believe that educational fulfilment does not happen in a vacuum.

F ulfilment happens when educational, social, emotional and psychological needs are addressed together. At Leading Lights, educational and emotional wellbeing for children, young people, and their families happens when issues, worries, and concerns are treated holistically, rather than in isolation.

For many children and young people, there might be things that have happened either in the past or in the present, which means that it is really difficult for them to thrive without additional support. Whilst our tutors and educators work with a holistic focus, sometimes a different kind of wellbeing support is also needed to enable them to fulfil their potential, and be able to feel positive about themselves, their futures, and achieve their aspirations.

Educational Equality is not just about what marks a child or young person achieves, it is about creating equality of opportunity. This means being able to participate in your own future in a way that is enriching and meaningful. However, there is still a real shortage of services for those children and young people who have emotional, psychological and physical needs which impact on their education as well as on their wellbeing. For many young people and children, it is essential that these issues are looked at together, and a solution based package put together based on their changing and unique needs.

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This is why Leading Lights provides a range of tailored wellbeing programmes such as mentoring, counselling, family support and advocacy.

These work alongside our educational and tuition support for those children, young people, and families who need cohesive, structured, and sensitive support to enable them to have the futures and options that they want.

If you have depression, you feel worried that your dreams are not going to happen, now I feel like it's going to be ok. After getting off anti-depressants, the service gave me reassurance that it was all going to be ok.

At a really difficult time, it made me more positive and confident. It made me come back to my natural positive mental attitude. It has given me confidence back in achieving my goals. You have reassured me through my self-doubt when I needed it, and made me more positive and confident - It has helped me to become myself again.

Sadie (Name has been changed)


M entoring can be transformational in its impact. At Leading Lights, we use an individualised approach for each child or young person. We set goals and objectives for the sessions with them, rather than for them, and think carefully about the type of mentoring they need, and the type of mentor who would suit them.

If a young person is having problems leaving the house, going to school, or just feeling isolated, sometimes it is incredibly helpful to have someone who is not a parent or a teacher, who can work with them to try and build their resilience, self- confidence, and reduce their anxiety through activity based sessions. Mentoring tends to have a therapeutic element to it, and it is sometimes amazing to see how children and young people who do not generally like the idea of talking about their feelings, or get socially anxious, can respond to someone they trust to just be there for them, and who motivates them to just give something a try.

Whether you are a young person, a parent or carer, a school or an organisation, we would love to talk to you about how our mentoring services might be able to help you.

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Playing a part in the transformation of a young persons' life, often during their most difficult times, is by far the most incredible aspect of mentoring

Lily Hartman-Gerald - Mentor

Counselling and Therapy

F or many children and young people sometimes what happens inside your head can feel overwhelming. It might be because something has happened in the past, or something that is happening right now.

Either way, therapy with a skilled and empathetic professional child and adolescent counsellor, or therapist can often be instrumental in bringing about ways to deal with what is happening psychologically.

At Leading Lights, we know that finding someone who has the right skills and approach is really important, and we also realise that some people have had negative experiences of psychological therapies. We choose our therapists with great care, ensuring that they are not only BACP registered, but also that they share our values, and are truly invested in their client’s wellbeing. 

We also think about what type of approach might be right for a particular child or young person.

For a young person who is very creative but finds verbalising emotions difficult, it might be sensible to try therapeutic arts or a play therapy approach. Whilst for someone who is dealing with multiple issues from different areas in their life, it might be sensible to work with a practitioner who utilises an integrative approach and can draw on different theories in their practice.

Whether you're a young person, parent or carer, school or organisation, we would love to talk to you about how our counselling and therapy services might be able to help you.

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Family Advocacy and Support

A t Leading Lights, we know that when something happens, whether it's wonderful or quite simply awful, it tends to impact on the whole family.

Having worked with many young carers, and young people with mental health difficulties, we know how hard it can be not only for the young person but for the siblings, parents, and carers as well.

Through our case management system, we try and build family advocacy into all our placements where and when it is needed.

Family advocacy might be something really simple like needing advice about schools or needing someone to write a supporting letter to the local authority.

Sometimes, though, more in-depth support is needed over a longer period of time. It can be something really very practical such as being worried about housing, or social services.

Sometimes it can be that a parent might feel very isolated with a situation and needs someone who is also there to listen to them.

Whatever it is, we will go out of our way to be proactive, imaginative, and determined to enable families to get their voices heard.

Whether you're a young person, parent or carer, school or organisation, we would love to talk to you about how our family support and advocacy services might be able to help you.


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