Tuition for Social, Emotional and
Mental Health Needs, and SEN

I n addition to services like mentoring, counselling, and advocacy, we offer a tailored range of specialist education services for children and young people with additional needs that might impact on their learning. Our services are underpinned by our core values, and we will always be looking to bring our warm, creative, solution-focused approach to the table.

We are specialists in social, emotional and mental health needs and are very experienced in working with children and young people with SEN and learning needs such as speech and language needs, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

We are happy to put together programmes tailored for specific needs. We also understand how important it is to have a dedicated touch point with someone who will listen, and be able to respond sensitively and imaginatively.

The team’s real strength lies in SEN/additional needs. At one end of the spectrum, they might support someone who has, say, fallen behind in maths and has confidence issues or is desperate to get an A in their A levels but demoralised after getting poor mocks results. At the other end, they work with youngsters who have completely disengaged with the education system. From OCD to school phobia, eating disorders to depression and self-harm, they cover the lot. Academically rigorous, without a hint of wishywashyness, their raison d’etre is to maximise potential, regardless of obstacles.

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Sam and Natalia gave Asheka her confidence back. For the first time, she is putting her hand up in class and is more able to be herself and enjoy her lessons. The tutors came with such a positive attitude and knew how to work with her. It was tutoring but with more guidance and input, giving her extra support to help her with her self-esteem. They valued her as an individual person so that the tuition has helped her bypass her disability. She became able to express herself and not focus on her disability. Long term, I believe that it will make a real difference in her confidence. After her exams, she called the tutors straight away; it felt like she had gained friends as well as tutors.

For me as a parent, I was able to relax and not feel tense anymore. I would know she was going to school knowing what she was doing. It stopped being a struggle. It took so much pressure off me. The organization is a big support not only for the children but for the parents too. I too feel like I gained a friend and an organization I could trust in. I feel like we are part of the organization in a real way. Now I know there is always someone I can call when I feel worried

Pallzy Samuel


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