Holistic Support For Young People who Really Need It


Illuminate is our flagship programme.

T he Illuminate programme is for young people who really need some support to fulfil their potential but would not have the funds to access support, and can’t seem to get the support they need through other services.

It might be that you have issues with anxiety or mental health, it might be that you have to spend a lot of time looking after someone you love, it could be that something has happened which has had a horrible impact on you. Illuminate is primarily aimed at young people who have a dream of what they could achieve, if only they had access to the right kind of support.

We offer a range of services from one to one intensive tuition to mentoring and counselling, to advocacy whether that be with school or social services, or because you are worried about being made homeless.

Essentially, every one of our Illuminate participants has been really different, with different ambitions, and different things that they wanted to get out of the programme. But we have tried to be there every step of the way (including when you go off to University – if that’s where you want to go).

You can refer yourself onto the programme, or you can refer a friend or a family member. We will start by having a chat with you to see if we are the best-placed people to help. We promise to be friendly and warm and to help you if possible. If for any reason we can't help we will work with you to find someone who can.

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Illuminate for organisations

If you are an organisation who is interested in Illuminate or working in partnership with us, then please do get in touch.

Our services put the young people’s needs at the heart of their design and implementation. Our practitioners are imaginative, sensitive, and empathetic, as well as experienced.

We work with a brilliant network that includes mental health professionals, educational psychologists and social workers. We use this network to inform and influence our reflective working practices and to achieve best practice interventions.

By being creative and imaginative, but also by working towards tangible results, we offer solutions that really make a difference.

Leading Lights is just really really nice. It is so important that young carers can access this service, it is important to challenge expectations, and to have a structure to enable them to get their grades. I am worried that with all the cuts to services there will be a decline in the number of young carers able to go to university. I missed a lot of school. Without this in place, a lot of young people would not be able to succeed and do as well as they could. We need to help as many young people as possible.

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