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Home Schooling Tuition

We think education is best when you are at the centre of its design

F or many reasons, it might be that full-time school is not an option right now, or may not be the best option for your child. This might be because you're waiting for the right school place and you need homeschooling support for a couple of terms. Maybe you're considering longer-term homeschooling because of additional or specialist needs, or maybe your child simply did not get on at school. Maybe it's just your personal preference to approach education a bit differently.

It might be for a primary placement, for GCSE’s or because you need to be resitting an A level course outside of school. It could be part-time homeschooling where we will work along side the school, happy to attend meetings, and liaise with school staff, although we are also happy to arrange full time provision. Whatever the reason, we will go out of our way to ensure that we meet you and your child’s specialist needs with attention to detail, love, and care.

As obvious as it sounds, as individuals, sometimes we need individualised learning.

We work with vigour, imagination, and energy.

We truly believe that education, wherever and however it happens, should be joyful as well as academic, in other words emotionally fulfilling as well as intellectually stimulating. From full-time primary placements to independent A-level resits, we have specialist homeschooling tutors on our wonderful team.

Every placement is carefully designed and sensitively thought through and then monitored by our dedicated team of children’s education and wellbeing professionals. Please just give us a call to see how we can help.

Leading Lights were simply sensational. They listened and didn't use tick box forms, they helped us to find brilliant tutors and the results were fantastic for both of our boys. I am so impressed with the care, advice and humour that you have all shown. We are really grateful for all the work you did to help us and also the success that we had with both boys, who can now start year 1 and Reception for the last part of their school year, with a proper grounding and so they can enjoy school.

Julie-Anne Houlton


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