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Our highly knowledgeable tutors can offer a range of support to undergraduate and masters students.

W ith fantastic post-graduate academic qualifications from top universities, our higher education tutors are happy to offer ongoing undergraduate and masters tuition or one-off interventions to help rescue dissertations and essay writing panics.

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Leading Lights’ assistance with my son’s final year dissertation was responsive and professional, and in the process boosted my son’s confidence as well as focusing his approach and research.

Daniel Fyne

Expert tuition for undergraduate support


We can provide support across a range of academic disciplines including social sciences, arts, humanities, and sciences as well as as specialist tuition in areas as diverse as computer programming, statistics, biochemistry, creative writing, and economics.

We can also provide qualified tutors to provide English Language tuition for IETS exams, and for higher-level language skills for adult learners.

We are happy to meet you in person to help break down complex content, or to offer remote editing and detailed feedback on essays and dissertations that works on structure and content offering follow up support and monitoring to foster independent learning.

Our tutors are specialists in their chosen fields, often teaching in top universities, and are astute, eloquent, and informed.

Our aim is to leave you feeling confident, calm, and excited about the subjects you have chosen to study, with many of you achieving first class degree results.


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