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GCSE and Secondary School

We know that getting ready for GCSEs can be a bit scary.

O ur expert secondary and GCSE tutors can make a significant difference, not only to achieving great results but also to confidence. For most young people, there is at least one subject where they can sometimes feel a bit lost, and not sure how to make the progress they want. Our secondary and GCSE students tend to make amazing progress, with the vast majority achieving beyond their predicted results, and most gaining top grades. They are then able to take their new found confidence, skills and subject knowledge forward so they can fulfil their potential.

Transforming kitchen tables into highly personalised learning environments, at Leading Lights we focus on making sessions exciting, stimulating, and varied. Our secondary and GCSE tutors have fantastic knowledge of the syllabus, specifications, and learning and exam techniques, but they are also able to work creatively and perceptively, adapting their approach to students’ individual learning objectives.

The tuition for my son has been exemplary. An enormous amount of care and attention was spent by Sarah Louise in ensuring that tutors were matched to his educational needs and teaching style preferences. Over each tutorial period, valuable feedback was given on progress directly to ensure that he understood his progress and we were, in turn, asked for our feedback, creating a high level of trust between my son and his tutors.

The benefits have been both visible in his results and importantly has given him confidence in subject matter that he originally found challenging. All of the tutors we have met have without exception been reliable and charming, not to mention very highly qualified. I cannot recommend Leading Lights highly enough to anyone who needs experts who care.

Beverley Hayford

We offer all the major exams boards (AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR) as well as IB and more unusual exam boards like CIE and offer a number of subjects at GCSE including...

  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
  • Business Studies and Economics
  • Languages including French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • Maths
  • History
  • Drama
  • Politics, Sociology, Psychology and RE
  • Classics & Latin

Learning should be wonderful, and we want every student to love and look forward to their sessions with us.

Our tutors are not just any tutors and we are not a 'tuition agency'

A s a small, creative, and not for profit organisation, we handpick wonderful, gifted, and experienced tutors, and we truly care about each student as an individual. We treat every placement with care, thinking about the individual needs of each young person.

Each placement has a dedicated core team member assigned in addition to the selected tutor so that there is always someone in the background, checking in, evaluating progress, making suggestions for small changes that might make a dramatic difference, and generally ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

We understand that you are probably very busy, but we are always there when you need us. It means that we can ensure that we are doing everything we absolutely can to make sure that your experience of working with us is wonderful. 

On behalf of the family I would like to thank you personally for the wonderful job you have all done for S and L! Without all this help provided by yourself and your crew, the kids would of have never managed to go through this difficult quest. From all my heart I want to thank you for taking such a personal care of us.

It was divine of you to put so much personal effort and invest so much of your precious time into our situation. If I look back and remember the starting point, I realise how difficult it was for S, but he managed! I don't have words to express my gratitude to you all for the help, understanding and support you all gave to us!

Alena Shevyakova

Our amazingly different and amazing young people

B eing at secondary school can feel really daunting at times, even if the environment is wonderful and caring. Tuition, for us, is not just about a boost to exam results, it is about giving a young person the chance to develop the confidence in their own skills and abilities which should last them a lifetime.

If your child has additional learning, health, or other needs such as high levels of anxiety, we have a whole host of expertise to offer, and we would love to chat to you about how we could help. We are always happy to offer you our expertise and we can offer advice and advocacy on a range of issues.

Honestly without you I would not have achieved this grade. I got an A!!!!! I was predicted a C or E for English but you used your magic to help me get an A. I was so surprised. Thank you so much.


Lading Lights are really great at developing individual learning plans, being attentive, and flexible to meet their students' needs. It definitely shows that they look for tutors who really care. There's a real focus on the student, and on being academically strong.

Karina Sellars

The Practical Bits

O ur prices for secondary tuition start at £35.00 an hour but do depend a little on the individual tutor and on the requirements of the placement. We strongly advise that it is better to have GCSE tuition in two-hour sessions.

Experience has shown us that this maximises your chances of getting the best possible results, and we will definitely tell you if we think the tuition is not necessary or if we think the amount of support should be reduced. Of course, we are more than happy to discuss this with you and consider your particular needs.

Whilst we are happy to come to your home for tuition, we are also able to tailor your tuition and we can offer alternative options as best suit you. We do get very busy, and quite often have a waiting list in busy periods so do please call us to discuss. As a not for profit, we also have free specialist programmes for young people who are at significant risk of real educational disadvantage.


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