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A level

We understand that A level exams can be incredibly daunting.

W e love working with young people who have a specific ambition they want to fulfil, whether that’s becoming an architect, going to medical school, working to challenge injustice and inequality, becoming the next big thing in scientific innovation, or simply getting into a university course they feel passionate about. However, we know that sometimes it can feel like a difficult journey. With the newly reformed subject syllabi and the new linear A level exams coming in, we realise it is a particularly stressful time to be making the jump up from GCSE or going into your final exam year. Our one to one tuition can make a dramatic difference.

Indeed, with regular tuition from us, we expect our students to make significant improvement, with the majority achieving top grades at A level and getting into highly rated universities and careers. We achieve this because our expert tutors understand how to teach to the syllabus and to the mark scheme, but they are also imaginative, creative, and teach responsively and intuitively.

Academically rigorous, we challenge our students to be ambitious in their scope and learning, but we are also empathetic, warm, and passionate about making tuition enjoyable. We want our students to love their sessions with us.

The support they provided was outstanding. Leading Lights instilled confidence and expert tuition that saw considerable advancement and improvement in both knowledge and technical ability as well as trust between tutor and student. Although our son had the ability, there is no doubt that he would not have matured, gained the confidence, or made enough advances in time to achieve his ambition of going to a top university to study Maths without them. His AS grades were a shock but the position was rectified. Our son even achieved the School Cup for English at the end of the year!

Michael and Sue Little

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We offer a number of subjects in IB and at A level for all the major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR) and the more specialist ones such as CIE in...

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Maths and Further Maths
  • Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
  • Economics and Business Studies
  • Languages including French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • Politics
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Classics & Latin
  • RE and Philosophy
  • Computing and ICT

Expert A level Tuition for your needs.

I f you are thinking about Oxbridge applications and interviews, or medical school applications, we are happy to provide specialist expert support, and we are always just happy to have a chat about career options, courses, and offer help and guidance around UCAS. We really love it when our students stay in touch with us throughout their further academic adventures, it's so nice for us to know that we made a difference.

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In a two-week period at some stage during my tuition, I realized I had worked more and revised more than I had in a year because I knew what I was doing. Not only did the tuition help me to get an A* at A-level, now I understand how to work, and how to approach a text, and what to take from it. The tuition from Leading Lights made everything so much less stressful, and despite other stresses going on, I was able to achieve.

Karina Sellars

How it works

W e are a small warm innovative organisation, and we reflect this in everything we do. As a team of education and wellbeing professionals, we work on building trust, confidence, and warmth with everyone we work with.

Offering a thoughtful initial assessment of your needs, we are proactive and imaginative in how we work, happy to offer advice and support on a range of issues that might be impacting on education, wellbeing, or just your day.

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Every placement is assigned a dedicated case coordinator so we can monitor progress very carefully. We love to discuss feedback and to discuss students’ unique and changing educational needs as often as you want.

We will go absolutely out of our way to help, and we really enjoy knowing that often we have been part of making an integral difference. Some of our students live outside the UK and we can offer high-quality programmes made bespoke to requirements.

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The Practical Bits

O ur prices for tuition start at £35.00 an hour but do depend a little on the individual tutor and on the requirements of the placement.

We strongly advise that it is better to have tuition in two-hour sessions. Experience has shown us that this maximises your chance of getting the best possible results. Of course, we are more than happy to discuss your individual needs with you.

As a not for profit, we also provide funded specialist programmes for young people who are at significant risk of real educational disadvantage, and we also have limited places on a more affordable placement scheme for low-income families.


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