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L eading Lights was founded in 2014 by an experienced group of tutors, teachers, counsellors and children’s specialists. We recognised the huge shortfall in services available for young people who knew what their aspirations were but who were missing out on their potential. In listening to many young people, parents and professionals we became acutely aware, despite all the brilliant work of schools and statutory services, of a shortage of imaginative, quality assured, educational and wellbeing provision that could meet individual needs sensitively and with what used to be simply called ‘love’.

In a world of funding cuts, when schools, social services, and the NHS are under increasing pressure, we wanted to see if we could be self-sufficient so that those suffering in silence did not fall through the cracks. We were aware that there were wonderful people and potential clients who needed support and who would be happy to pay for high-quality, expert services for their own children. We were also very aware that there were wonderful people who would not be able to afford such services. Thus we created a simple and sustainable not-for-profit funding model where everyone gets to participate in long-term positive social impact.

We offer academic tuition as a core service because we know from experience as a team of passionate educators that we can make a huge difference to children's and young people's life chances by improving their long-term educational outcomes. Although exam results are not everything, for many young people they have a huge effect, not just on their next steps in education but also on their employment options, and most importantly on their self-esteem and happiness. However, we also think that there is often too much focus on education as a results-driven system, in which learning is stripped of its deeper meaning and resonance. Therefore our tutoring emphasises potential and progress, conceptual learning as well as functional learning, enjoyment and the simple thrill of learning something new.

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We believe in working holistically with laughter and tea.

Inspiring Young Minds

I t was obvious to us, as a team of experienced educators and children and young people’s professionals, that there is a way to teach that inspires and instils confidence and passion. We wanted to be able to bring this approach directly to families, children and young people, especially those with special educational needs, mental health difficulties issues or issues with confidence or anxiety. We also wanted to provide academic teaching that simply values young people as individuals and encourages them to thrive intellectually as well as emotionally.

Historically, it has been very difficult for families seeking high-quality educational support to find it at reasonable prices, or to find tutors who really invest in a young person’s future. It's been even more difficult for young people who might have experienced bullying, anxiety or depression, to find a service that will understand how these experiences might impact on academic achievement and confidence. It's especially hard for parents who have gone through these issues with their children to find a service that meets their individual needs.

However, we are so much more than a not-for-profit tuition service. We understand that if a problem is caused by lots of different, entangled issues, then we have to look at all of these issues to find a solution. We have always offered other services such as counselling, mentoring and advocacy on our free programmes. Having listened to the lovely families and organisations that we work with, we realised that it was essential to extend these services to all our clients.

So if you need some help or just want a chat, whether you are an individual parent or young person, or an organisation, or someone who wants to join our lovely team, then please do get in touch. We will be happy to talk about any of our many services, ranging from academic home tutoring, to a range of wellbeing support, to a unique programme for your particular needs.

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