Cancellation Policy

As a small, personal organisation, we are keen to establish strong working relationships between our tutors and students and want to be as understanding as possible.

Cancellation by the Student for sessions paid directly to the tutor

Cancellations can cause a number of issues for tutors so we do urge all our families and tutors to take this into consideration and to only cancel sessions where it is really necessary. Most importantly, however, cancellations interrupt tuition as a process and can undermine a student’s progress. We do see a strong correlation between cancellation rates and lack of progress and do advise that as much as possible tuition takes place every week as a minimum throughout the year.

  • In the event of illness or unforeseen situations leading to short-notice cancellations or changes to a session, we request that a tutor is given at least twenty-four hours notice. Tutors should always be happy to provide a contact number so they can be notified by text or phone call. If they cannot be reached, then an email can always be sent to staff in the office, but we do advise that the tutors are reached directly if at all possible.
  • If it is not possible to give this notice, individual circumstances such as sudden illness or family emergencies will be considered at our discretion, however, it may be necessary to charge for the full cost of the session.
  • Where a session has been cancelled with notice given, the tutor will always attempt to find a suitable alternative time for the session to take place during the same week or organise an additional session for the following week so that disruption is minimised.
  • Cancellations cannot be made once the scheduled session time has commenced, or once the tutor has begun travelling to the session. In these instances, the charge for the session will be payable in full and there will be no obligation for the tutor to offer an alternative session.
  • Where there have been an unusual number of cancellations, even where notice has been provided, we reserve the right to change the nature of payment and request payment in advance in order to reserve the slot for the student and tutor.
  • If you want to stop tuition with us, please give us as much notice as possible, at least two weeks is respectfully requested, although we realise in cases of family emergency and other unforeseen events this might not always be possible.

Cancellation by the Student/ Parent/ Organisation for sessions invoiced by Leading Lights

In many cases including for on-going specialist tuition, intensive tuition (eg. where a student might be not attending school or having sessions to complete an exam course), short term or holiday tuition, we invoice in advance of the tuition taking place. Depending on the booking, this could be weekly, fortnightly, or termly. In the event that we are unable to offer these sessions after a payment has been made, Leading Lights will offer a full refund for the relevant sessions.

  • Once a booking has been confirmed by the client, if booked tuition is cancelled by the client we cannot refund the value of cancelled sessions with the following exceptions:
    • A suitable alternative for the session(s) (for all parties) is suggested and agreed by mutual consent.
    • Cancellations that take place more than 28 days from commencement of tuition will be charged at 50%.
    • Cancellations that take place less than 28 days prior to commencement of tuition will be charged at full price.
  • Cancellations that take place prior to confirmation (written or verbal) will not be charged.

Cancellation by the Tutor

  • Tutors will always try to give as much notice as possible for any cancellations or changes to sessions such as holiday plans.
  • In the event of short-notice cancellations, tutors should give at least twenty- four hours notice and attempt to find an acceptable alternative time for the session to take place.
  • In cases of sudden illness or family emergencies, where a tutor is unable to give twenty-four hours notice, they will offer an alternative session time at the student’s convenience to try and minimise disruption.
  • In the event, that you are concerned that a tutor is cancelling a number of sessions, please do contact Leading Lights so we can look into the matter as a matter of priority.
  • If a tutor wants to stop tuition with a student, they should provide as much notice as possible, at least a month is respectfully requested, although in the cases of family emergencies and other unforeseen events, we realise this sometimes might not be possible. Tutors should always work in partnership with the core team at Leading Lights and with the student/ family/ client to support finding a suitable replacement should this be desirable for the client.


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